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Copy-editing & translation

English copy-editing and translation. 
Transform your English language communication with a fluent, native English voice.

For Dutch companies who want to connect in English.
Writing clear and effective English is hard for a non-native speaker. Don’t let your Dutch lose its impact or even its meaning.

Across all content.
Web content, annual reports, social media, sales & marketing materials, newsletters and all the other ways you communicate.



Accurate and high-quality translation from Dutch to English.

Good translation is more than just finding the right word; it should sound like it was written in English in the first place.  I provide a clear and readable translation that stays true to the source text. I also consider both the target market and your brand identity.   


Copy-editing will improve content already written in English.

Editing corrects spelling, punctuation and grammar; improves the style, structure and flow of your message; perfects vocabulary and deletes redundancies; delivers a consistent and cohesive tone to improve clarity and impact; respects your brand style and tone. 

Helping Dutch companies to connect in real English... echt English.

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