English editing & translation


Effortless ways to give your English communication a fluent English voice


Are you looking for accurate translation from Dutch to English?

Good translation is more than just finding the right word; it should sound like it was written in English in the first place.  Accurate and readable translations that stay true to the source text yet sound natural in English.

Content writing

Does your message lose its impact when writing in your second language?

Writing clear and effective English is hard for a non-native speaker. I can write across all content including web sites, annual reports, social media, sales and marketing materials, newsletters and any other way you communicate.


Something doesn't sound right, but I don't know how to fix it - sound familiar?

Copy editing enhances content already written in English. It improves the style, structure and flow of your writing so you deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message. 


Everyone hates a typo!

But it is not easy to spot mistakes in your own writing. Proofreading is an essential part of any marketing process. Fix spelling, punctuation and grammar problems for quality content with no embarrassing errors.

Helping Dutch companies connect in real English... echt English.

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